Michael Caiati: Engineer / Producer

Analog guy in a digital world.

I am still a true believer that there is no amount of technology that can substitute for the magic that happens when musicians play together, in the same room, at the same time. I offer a warm sound to any project, analog or digital.

As owner and head engineer for 25 years at Coyote Recording Studios in Williamsburg Brooklyn, I developed a vast engineering and producing career working with many notable and independent artists with a diverse set of sounds, from Rockabilly to Jazz to Ska and Punk. These artists included Dion DiMucci, Mary Weiss, The Ramones, They Might Be Giants. The Slackers, The Dictators, Nada Surf, and many other musical luminaries. At Coyote, I was part of a team who engineered for They Might Be Giants, which won a Grammy award for music in Fox’s hit television show Malcolm in the Middle. Click Here For Full Bio


Mixing and Recording Techniques • Console Signal Flow/Operation • Studio Setup • Wiring • Soundproofing • Troubleshooting

Saving Grace

Betweeen A Memory And A Dream


The Nurse

Phill Hummer

House On The Tracks

Gimmie Some Skin


Joey Romone

Make Me Tremble


King Of Hearts

Reid Paley

Take What You Want

Crazy Mary

Come On Let's Go



Signing Websters

She's Cold


One Last Look


I Am Right

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Eric Ambel
Hasil Atkins
R.Austin Productions
Australian Music International
Dan Baird
Pilley Bianchi
Blackheart Records
Blood Oranges
Blutarski Entertainment
Bottle Rockets
Janet Burgan
Brenda Kahn
Cargo Records
Chaos Records
Crazy Mary
Crypt Records
The Del Lords
The Dictators
Diesel Only Records
Dion DiMucci
Den Records
Dowdy Smack
The Drossells
East Side Digital Records
Elektra Records
Estrus Records
Evangelist Samson
and the Righteous Sisters
Feralette Records
The Fab
Flat Duo Jets
The Fleshtones
Fly Trap Records
Girls Against Boys
Go To Blazes
Guided By Voices
Guitar Pete
Bryce Goggin
Hellcat Records
Bruce Henderson
Gene Holder
Phil Hummer Trio
Ichiban Records
Influx Productions
The Insomniacs
Joan Jett
Lenny Kaye
Scott Kempner
Eddie Kirkland
Mary Lee Kortes
Richard Lloyd
John Linelli
Lower East Side Records
Mary Weiss
Scott McClatchy
Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom
Mojo Nixon
Mono Puff
Mr T-Bone
Nada Surf
New York Ska & Jazz Ensemble
Norton Records
O.O. Discs, Inc.
Profile Records
Pseudo Mi
Raging Slab
The Ramones
Marky Ramone & the Intruders
The Raunch Hands
Daniel Rey
Reid Paley Trio
Realization Music
Victor Rice
Rockadillo Records, Finland
Roto Records, Spain
Kevin Salem
Scatt Records
Andy Shernoff
Shake Records
Harper Simon
Simon & The Bar Sinisters
Patty Smyth
Phoebe Snow
Squid Productions
Sheldon Stieger
The Singing Websters
The Slackers
The Smithereens
The Stiffs
The Stinky Puffs
The Stubborn All Stars
The Swingin’ Neckbreakers
Sympathy for the Record Industry
T.E.C. Records
They Might Be Giants
Greg Trooper
T.T.C. Animation
Untamed Youth
Upstart Records
The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black
The Waldos
Andre Williams
World Famous Blue Jays
Kirk Yano


Peer into the wild, wild world of Norton Records, home to the frantic sounds of Hasil Adkins, Link Wray, Question Mark and the Mysterians Dale Hawkins, the Flat Duo Jets, the Dictators and loads more wildies!

Bianchi Musica
They are contemporary chamber ensembles with fresh, beautiful talent available for weddings, public & private events. They customize all of our ceremonies to reflect the personalities of our clients and we arrange all of the material so that we are able to create the ultimate goosebump moment.

Emanuel Design
Emanuel Design, The portfolio site of Michael E. Caiati a freelance graphic designer from New York. He designs logos, websites, brochures, banners, book covers, and everything in between.

Here at Home Song Foundation.com
This foundation was created to build awareness of the financial struggles faced by the families of America Military fighting oversea

Kaleiscope Sound
Highly recommended API Studio housing 48 Channel API Legacy Plus.

Gimmie Some Skin
Gimmie Some Skin official band website

Coyote Recording recommends Sara Kraushaar’s Documentary “El Puente: Bridge to a Gentrified America?” [Watch the trailer]

Coyote Recording recommends… BoloPick.com.